How to Find a Job As an English Major



Let’s be honest- finding work as an English major sucks. You’re constantly reminded about how dead the field is by everyone you speak to, and the phrase, “starving artist,” crosses your mind far more than you would like. Fortunately, English majors do have options when it comes to employment. But on the other hand, many of these fields are either difficult to get into, or require a serious self-starter mentality.

Fields that Employ English Majors:

Individuals and companies alike need writers. It’s finding clients that don’t already have established writers to work with that’s the problem. If you’re interested in technical writing, copywriting, SEO, or other forms of dedicated writing, it’s likely that employers in your area need these kinds of services… which brings me to my next point…

All Permanent Writing Gigs Require Experience

It’s the chicken and the egg all over again. How can I get work if I have no experience? How do I get experience if I have no work? This is where freelancing comes into play. By advertising your services to organizations in the area, you give yourself an opportunity to build a portfolio that allows employers to see your potential. However, many employers would rather see you have experience in a related field through an internship. It’s possibly worth your while finding an internship rather than throwing up a 메이저 토토 and diving in feet first.

Conclusions About English Majors

You’ll spend a lot of time questioning how you spend your time. Would it be better to seek permanent work, find an internship, or throw up a website and dive into freelance? If you’re the creative type who wants to wow the world with your words, choose a path and stick to it. There are options. Be determined to find success with what you love- you’ll get there eventually.

So! In order to help you out with this dilemma, I’ve decided to compile a number of websites that I think are useful when searching for employment:


I think this site! If you think you have what it takes to write excellent copy, connect with others, and make big impressions in a big way, you should check this out. This site hosts a number of resources that are ripe for the picking.


Interested in taking the self-made route? If so, blogging could be a lucrative field for you. However, take it from me when I say that promoting and writing for a blog is more than full-time work. If you want to be successful, it takes a lot of time, dedication, an interesting niche, and a great perspective. ProBlogger addresses everything you need to know about this and more!

I’d Rather be Writing:

Other than just having an awesome name, this post does an excellent job explaining what one must do to get into technical writing. Some people actually enjoy sitting down and simplifying long, boring instructions into more cohesive, comprehensible text. If you’re one of these said people, take a gander at that site there! (I’m from Eastern Ky and reserve the right to use the word “gander.”)

Monster Career Resources

I’ve been to this post more than once. It gives hope to English majors everywhere that maybe, just possibly, you didn’t make a stupid decision when you decided that your heart was set on writing. This post discusses the possibility of pursuing a career not directly related to writing. See for yourself!

Now! Here’s the thing. You can read, and read, and read, but nothing finds a job better than actually getting out finding one. Call people, e-mail contacts, search the good ol’ jobs listings and apply, apply, apply.


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