PeopleString – The Social Networking Site That Pays You For Your Interactions



Social networking sites like PeopleString are booming like the gold rush from 1900’s. They will most likely continue to grow for a very long time as many people from all over the world who use the internet are involved with some type of social network or another. This past year Facebook alone has added over 100 million new users. That’s just one of the many big fish swimming in the sea!

What is PeopleString?

PeopleString is a 100% free social networking site that actually pays you for using their site and it’s growing at an amazing rate. PeopleString started in February 2009 and marketed a unique way of earning money by checking your email, using websites like MySpace, Facebook, playing games, doing surveys, online 마이다스 호텔 카지노 사이트 and more. Sites like Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and other social networking sites don’t share the revenue that they receive. Although these are excellent social networking sites to visit and offer great one-on-one or group interactions, the only people making any money are the owners of those companies.

So, why should you join PeopleString?

1. PeopleString’s compensation plan is one of the key reasons why people are choosing to get involved. The commissions ranges from.50$ for every FREE member you refer to a percentage of all peoples transactions in your string. The string have 6 levels and a transaction are based from checking emails and just logging-in each day.

2. PeopleString’s “mailbox-cashbox” program is how most of the people are earning their money. You will get 1.50$ for signing up and a small amount of money every time you check an email.

3. Online gaming is a big business that is taking the world by storm and these games are always available to try out. PeopleString give you the opportunity to test high tech games and earning money from the people who are using and testing these games in your string. It’s free to join and can also help you to build a great resume, gain experience and get noticed by big gaming testing companies!

Some things in life are too good to be true and PeopleString is one of them. So, if the word “FREE MONEY” make you skeptical please note that this is a 100% legitimate company and as been featured in MSNBC and CBS NEWS and they are a publicly traded company. There’s nothing to pay upfront and all your payments will be made via bank transfer or ALERTPAY for U.S residents and ALERTPAY only, for the rest of the world. PAYPAL is no longer an option but ALERTPAY is very similar (if not identical) and it’s 100% free to open an account.

PeopleString and Reward string are two exceptional and free internet networking business options that can be a perfect tool for the next generation of entrepreneurs throughout the world.


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